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Upgrade Alteryx Designer in 10 Steps

Debating whether or not to upgrade to the latest version of Alteryx Designer?


Bring back Save, undo and re-do buttons to the new UI in 2018.4

I think I'm liking the new UI, but I think it's necessary to bring back save, undo and re-do buttons....


1. Frequent saving of workflows is crucial and not everyone uses keyboard shortcuts

2. The ability to undo (lots) of changes is a key part of iterating and rapidly building workflows in Alteryx and again not everyone uses keyboard shortcuts to do this.


Looks like there's potentially space to add this to the right of 'help' (I suspect this might be technically quiet difficult) or to the left of 'run', 'schedule' and 'active documents' as seen in the image below.


Out of interest, where has the 'documents' terminology come from?


2018-11-14 22_12_14-Alteryx Designer x64 - PureGym Log In.yxmd_.png




Alteryx Partner

I am super mad at that change as well, it kills my productivity...

Who ever asked to remove those icons?

make it optional at least!!


and since we talk about shortcuts, how about implementing a CTRL+D for duplicate item?

Most applications in Windows include it...


I personally am a data entry kind of girl, but my use of mouse vs keyboard depends on what I am doing. As others have said, Alteryx is primarily a point and click application. I almost never use hotkeys for save, undo, redo. I'm not sure I even remember the redo shortcut. I set these in all of my Office applications along with a few other choices I like to have handy (Save As, for example). I also have the Save, Undo, Redo buttons in every other application I use. Honestly, having lost them in the Alteryx UI, I am surprised at how much I have to think about saving now. Having that visual cue literally reminds me to save. 


As to the other visual aspects: I have had visual problems my entire life. I can see the colors, but making things tiny and not allowing me to resize make it very tough for me. I'm sure the shiny new tool icons look very cool, but the colors are difficult to distinguish and they are tiny. Even with my screen settings at 125% I have a tough time seeing them. Honestly, the skinny font and hollow icons make the tool pallet look to me like someone smeared a line of watercolors across the top of my screen. I have no option to make them any bigger or change the contrast or font settings (yes, I tried!). 


I actually really like the add tab and run button changes. Those are much more in line with what I use in other programs. Making the active tab a different color would be super helpful. The bold lettering is less helpful and more difficult to see for me personally.


I think, ultimately, it's taken end users years to become "trained" to a certain way of working. Anything that replicates that functionality is good. Anything that removes that ingrained habit is probably bad. And anything that takes away visual acuity is certainly not user friendly to those of us with eye site that has been old since the day we were born!

Just to back this up...I just upgraded and find it a step backward.


I can get used to most of it but taking away the save, undo, back, forward buttons and forcing me to waster more time and clicks to use the drop downs is unhelpful.


Please bring them back.


As @PCAM rightly pointed out, Alteryx isnt a keyboard heavy tool.. so when designing a workflow, one would not instinctively go back to the keyboard to hit Save. Please atleast give the users control to enable this. Maybe next to the Run button or elsewhere on the ribbon. One suggestion could be a quick access ribbon like Microsoft has on their Office products.



It's making be go backward technologically. "CTRL+S" just isn't as satisfying.

Here's my $0.02 on the new changes

The Good

  • I like the '+' new tab for creating a new workflow.

The Meh

  • Font - I too find the resolution of the new font to be less crisp.
  • Run button - I'm finding it difficult to get used to the new position

The Bad

  • Don't like the black background of the inactive palette tabs.
  • Don't like the 'outline' presentation of the palette symbols

The Ugly

  • Input and Output icons in the Results pane don't have labels--what??

Capture.PNGNo labels!

  • Missing the Save button: I use keyboard shortcuts if I'm already keying and buttons if I'm already mousing.  I.e., I don't change until I have to.  When mousing, I don't like having the extra clicks associated with going to the File menu to click Save..  The suggestion to have a quick access section á la Microsoft Office is a good one. 
  • Lost the [X] button to close floating windows -- booo.
Alteryx Partner
We also need to remember Alteryx is a tool aimed to non-coders and most of them come from Excel, for which keyboard shortcuts are not something natural, especially for younger millennials who can't remember the 1990s. Feedback in my company has been negative for 2018.4 interface and so far we decided to stay in 2018.3 until a compelling upgrade comes.

I like the toolbar.  Use it in every other application.  Please bring it back


Make it optional please.  I personally liked the toolbar and miss it.

I do like keybord shortcuts and looking forward for more implemented. Especially ribbon keybord shortcuts like in Excel.

If possible I would like to see that function in some way added.