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Box Input and Output Tools

in our organization people are moving away from network drives to BOX for file repository and they needs to use to connect to BOX using Alteryx as an Input and Output platform where they should be able to access files to read and write. 

Currently few of the users are able to use the BOX as a repository using BOX Sync tool (Map BOX as a network drive) but that is not at all useful when they try to save into a gallery and run or schedule on the gallery. A connector for BOX will be of great help. 




We have MANY users that would appreciate this feature. Is there any update towards the outcome?

YES PLEASE!! This would be a huge win for us


I've been working with the Box API/Python SDK a bit more and maybe you could do something like this as a start


For our company, they require an approved "Box App" on the Box Server, and they'll gives us a .json config file with credentials. 

The Alteryx Box "input" macro/app would ask for that json file as an input and some questions: read a folder, or read a file? Then it would ask for the Folder or File ID, and read that item.


Currently it is possible to do this in the Python tool, but having a built-in tool would be nice.