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Box Input and Output Tools

in our organization people are moving away from network drives to BOX for file repository and they needs to use to connect to BOX using Alteryx as an Input and Output platform where they should be able to access files to read and write. 

Currently few of the users are able to use the BOX as a repository using BOX Sync tool (Map BOX as a network drive) but that is not at all useful when they try to save into a gallery and run or schedule on the gallery. A connector for BOX will be of great help. 

8 - Asteroid

@amitkellawan  check out DataDynamite's suggestion above.

5 - Atom

@dataDynamite thank you for suggesting this approach. 


However trying this connection within my company it feels like the FTP option is not enabled. Any suggestions on other options?

12 - Quasar
+1 but feels like +1000 given what Alteryx enables me to do. Are we there yet?
8 - Asteroid

Agree! we need it especially we share the workflows with multiple users.  Look forward to the Box Connector on Alteryx like Tableau. 

7 - Meteor

Its been 14 months since the status was changed to "Under Review".


@ARich: Any further updates on this? Lots of users/organization are waiting for this.


8 - Asteroid

If there was a way to easily connect to an internal "BOX app", where we can authenticate via JWT in the Alteryx tool, that would be a good step too.

8 - Asteroid

Please do this one next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


7 - Meteor

We, also, would benefit greatly from this. Right now working on using Python OATH2.0 workaround. 

6 - Meteoroid

+1, 90% of our workflows use box

7 - Meteor

+1, we have been trying to work with our Box Admins to implement Box API to allow this through Python or the download tool but it is like pulling teeth.