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Box Input and Output Tools

in our organization people are moving away from network drives to BOX for file repository and they needs to use to connect to BOX using Alteryx as an Input and Output platform where they should be able to access files to read and write. 

Currently few of the users are able to use the BOX as a repository using BOX Sync tool (Map BOX as a network drive) but that is not at all useful when they try to save into a gallery and run or schedule on the gallery. A connector for BOX will be of great help. 

8 - Asteroid

Another user who would be interested in this feature.

9 - Comet

Our workaround at present is that we've installed the Box Sync client on the Alteryx Server as well as all machines running Alteryx Designer that are sharing or publishing flows and getting users in the habit of always using relative references. This isn't ideal for a few reasons:


1) We've had problems getting the Box Sync to reliably restart on server reboots, it's something we have to look at manually.

2) There's no way to force relative references so it's all too easy to add an Input or Output tool, or a custom macro for a workflow with explicit references, and forget to re-set the references.

3) We've got to be really careful about controlling what folders are chosen for sync, we ran out of server space once when someone moved a lot of files into a folder that was synced.


In some cases there are files that are just so large that it would make sense to continue using the sync client, however for a lot of our work having a connectors that would directly login to Box would remove all of these issues.




6 - Meteoroid

This will be a game changer!

5 - Atom


This would be very helpfull!

5 - Atom

+1 🙂

5 - Atom

I agree with the others. Please add this functionality.

5 - Atom

This would be greatly appreciated!

7 - Meteor

Eagerly waiting for this! Without this, the value of Alteryx is heavily diluted in our organization.

5 - Atom

We need with urgency. I'm working in GE and this enhacement will benefit a lot! thank you!

5 - Atom

Hello Everyone!


1. Box supports FTP (search Box FTP)

2. Following this model you can download files from Box:

3. If you use SSO you'll need to set up an external Box password

4. Your routine will work in Designer and can be published to Alteryx Server.