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Block Until Done - Allow for Multiple Inputs/Outputs

Abiltiy to have multiple streams come into/out of 'Block Until Done' tool.
Allow User to set priorities of streams in tool and to be able to release streams in a certain order.
12 - Quasar
Hi Mark - I'm interested why you would need this? Can you share a use case?
7 - Meteor

I had a similar need too.  I worked with Adam and created a ParallelBlockUntilDone macro. 

The first time that I needed a tool like this was when I was trying to output multiple reports into a single excel workbook and had write contention from my module.  I would have wanted to complete one set of summarization before beginning another.

Another use for this would be in using template documents for reporting.  The first step of the job would be to copy a template from a source directory to a target directory.  Secondly, data would be passed into the target file that was created in step one.  The template copy must complete first before the write to the file.  We have accomplished this through use of the append fields tool.  We control the actions using the append field knowing that the S input will run first.

I can send you a copy of the module if you are interested in it.
5 - Atom



I also have a similar use case for multiple inputs, which I would think would be somewhat common.  I'm using a filter to separate valid and invalid records, both the True and False outputs of the filter should write to different sheets in the same Excel file.  Presently I've not been able to accomplish this because both outputs are contending for the file, only the True output gets written.  I was hopeful when I came across the Block Until Done tool, but can't use it because it is confined to one input stream.




I'd be interested to see your module if you wouldn't mind sending it.



9 - Comet

I would be very interested in this option.


I have two text inputs that are used by Download Tool but I can't execute them in a particular order because I would have to delete connections between the second text input and Download Tool

7 - Meteor

If nothing else, the ability to set the order of the output streams would be helpful. I know you can keep connecting streams to the 3 outputs and it seems to output in the order they were connected, but it's not the clearest method. If you don't mark them off as you're doing it, can be confusing when viewing later on which is setup in which order.

7 - Meteor

Has there been any headway on this issue?

8 - Asteroid

I'm also interested in these capabilities--has any progress been made?

It occurs fairly frequently that I need to export to multiple Excel worksheets within a single XLSX (see simple example below). Correct me if I'm wrong, but it doesn't seem to be possible to use 

Block Until Done or Parallel Block Until Done in this case.


11 - Bolide

@abrasch's post/picture captures exactly what I needed the Block Until Done tool to be able to do today. +1 for this idea!

8 - Asteroid

I came across this feature request while also encountering the issue. This was discussed in a more recent issue which worked for me, so I thought i'd share the solution with others who come across this post:

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Implemented

You can find the Parallel Block Until done in the Crew Macros  which will allow you to block more than one stream.