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Better annotations via metadata fields

So, best practice is to add annotations - so how many times have you seen an annotation that says 


"This filters for column y" and then it's been changed to something else in the meantime.  

Alteryx provides some default annotations, but wouldn't it be amazing if those metadata fields were available in an easy way to include in your own annotations


I imagine this working like so:


On an input tool:

"The file {filename} comes in from Joe in accounts every Tuesday and is currently {rows} big."


Filter tool

"This filters out the salaries above 100k with the formula {expression}"



"I join using the {fields} fields rather than the typical key because the key isn't well populated"



"I combine {IncomingNames} sets"



"The expression {expression1} calculates the exposure then {expression2} converts to bps."


Input, SQL Server

"The data source {databasename} is owned by Joe Soap in Investment"


Suddenly it makes sense to use annotations, and they don't lie (as easily) and mislead you into believing something other than the inherent logic, but with flexibility to select which bits of the metadata of the tool make sense to you.


Alteryx must have this functionality under the hood with the auto annotation, and this just provides better flex for that.