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Better Log Structure on Alteryx Designer/Server

In order to make it easier to find workflow logs and be able to analyze them we would suggest some changes:

  • In the log name instead something like "alteryx_log_1634921961_1.log" the log name should be the queue_id for example: "6164518183170000540ac1c5.log"

This would facilitate when trying to find the job logs.


 To facilitate reading the log we would suggest the following changes: 

  1. Add the timestamp 
  2. Add error level 


For the example of current and suggested log: 

 Please consult the document in attachment.



In the suggested format the log would be [TIMESTAMP] [ERRORLEVEL] [ELAPSEDTIME] [MESSAGE] 

8 - Asteroid

I thought I was reading a Unix log in the PDF. This would be a great enhancement for readability and integration with log monitors.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Again @joanatpsantos, thanks for your thoroughness!