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Autosize string field size without auto data type

I have a process where I output data to a database each week.  Because the database fields have a pre-defined/expected data type, I must maintain that same data type in my workflow.  However, I would still like Alteryx to determine the max size of the fields for string fields.  The Auto Field tool does both, and sometimes it might change the data type of a field based on the records being passed at the time.


The reason is because the output to the target database is fastest when you make the string field sizes as small as possible.  So, hard-coding the field sizes has inherent inefficiencies.

Alteryx Partner
+1 in autofield many ID's get changed to double and later cannot use Find and Replace. This tool would be handy, many cases just want to reduce default size of data.

Hey @nsmith293


If you define your string types to be variable length strings in Alteryx - where the max size is the same as the max size on the database column - would that solve your issue?

That way you'll get a conversion error if you have a string that is too big (which is very helpful) and also because it's a variable length string in Alteryx there won't be an overhead of keeping unused space.