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Automatic browse tool

Have the ability to see the data with the browse tool by simply clicking the component we want in the workflow.
The browse tool becomes a default property and not a component we have to insert in the workflow.

If this idea leads to bad performance, at least have a tickbox to mask/unmask all browse tools components + have a different color lines to distinct "real" workflow from browse tool which does not transform/calculate the data

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Hi Julien,

We are currently working to design and implement this kind of functionality.  It is planned for the next major release later this year.  Performance problems are a concern, but we think there is a way to minimize them.

Thanks for the request,
This would be great!  Another (second best) option would be to be able to insert a browsing node and "run the flow up to that point".  Essentially Alteryx would find and run all upstream nodes needed to populating just that browsing window.  This could improve performance significantly while troubleshooting/building something since it woudln't require the whole workflow to be run each time you want to update a browsing window.

Plus, you usually don't want to output to a final output node till after you've done at least some basic validation with the browsing nodes first.  This forces me to usually put the output node in a separate container and disable the container for testing purposes untill I'm finally ready to run full thing.  It works, but is combersome.
Alteryx Partner
Great to see this introduced in v10 - a lovely enhancement with some limitations that still ensures good performance
Creative Director
Creative Director
Status changed to: Implemented