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Auto-Updating Field Names Downstream

Good Morning --


Here is another idea for your consideration:


If I change the name of a filed upstream, it would be nice if it would automatically change the name of that field in all tools downstream.


If I have a field name called Column1 in a select tool (let's say its the second tool I use. Now let's say in the next connected tool (let's say it's a formula tool) and I create formula column1 + 5. So far so good.


Now if I go back to the select tool and change the name of column1 to Balance. The formaula tool will throw an error because we typed in column1. It would be nice if Alteryx was smart enough to identify these changes and update the field name downstream so we don't have to go back and update every tool that we entered column1 into.


This would be a big time saver.


Please let me know if you wish to discuss.