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Auto-UNC when saving

As a best practice, I'd like to automagically change any drive mapping to UNC when saving my workflows.  This applies to both local and gallery saves.





Alteryx Certified Partner

@MarqueeCrew : This sounds dangerous. I need to keep my relative path to go from one environment to an other.

Maybe it should be an option in the wf dependancies.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



I agree that it is an option, not forced.  For me, I'd like to setup this option.

@MarqueeCrew @saubert Great idea! I think it should work like the workflow dependencies All UNC option which leaves relative paths alone and just changes network drives to UNC. It's smart enough to leave your C drive and relative paths alone. As a user setting, I would certainly check it to on.


Personally, I use relative paths to do our work.  One time our network team changed our drive mapping, which would have broken most UNC paths.  If we are adding this option, it would be nice to convert my specific network files locations to either UNC or relative paths, or retain the existing coding.


I would love for this to be an option.  We don't use scheduler because we can't just design a flow and schedule it using the mapped drive letter.  Great idea!