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Append TimeStamp to Output File Name

I think that it would be nice to be able to append a Time Stamp to the name of a file in the OUTPUT Tool, as a Mainframe Programmer I could append a time stamp to file names this is helpful when doing batch jobs that are scduled on a server. 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hey @Tod, this is available today! At the bottom of the configuration for the output tool is an option to take the filename from a field. With this, you can update or replace the path/filename using fields that come from your data stream. So a formula tool can be placed before the output tool to build up the filename in whatever format you'd like, and then use that field as the output file name. I hope this helps!



It seems to work for a CSV file format, but not other excel formats. I did the setups as you explained above. Any clues? Time stamp is field I added with datetimenow() as formula.



Try using a formula to create the full file path, then check the box to change the full path of the file, like this:


"D:\Alteryx Temp Storage\DataToSave"+TOSTRING(DateTimeToday())+".xls|Sheet1"




This will work but it is somewhat clunky.   The use of a time stamp in output files is common.  Especially in cases were overwriting is not desirable.  It would be nice if that option were available without the necessary prep in advance of the output tool.