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Apache ORC input/output format support


Apache ORC is commonly used in the context of Hive, Presto, and AWS Athena. A common pattern for us is to use Alteryx to generate Apache Avro files, then convert them to ORC using Hive. For smaller data sizes, it would be convenient to be able to simply output data in the ORC format using Alteryx and skip the extra conversion step.


ORC supports a variety of storage options that users may wish to override from sensible Alteryx defaults. We typically use the SNAPPY compression codec.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi Team,

Is Apache ORC input/output format supported now?


Hi @Nitish_Salve!


At the moment, columnar file formats are not supported by Alteryx.


However, they can be accessed in Alteryx via the Hive ODBC Driver.

You will have to create intermediary Hive tables first in order to store the data.


I suggest that you take a look at this community article on another type of columnar data and the Hive DDL documentation for Apache ORC.


Let me know how it worked for you !


Status changed to: Under Review