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An easy to use Salesforce Connection tool

The current Salesforce connection tool is cumbersome and buggy.  It would be nice if there was a way to easily connect to salesforce so that I didn't have to update my passwords and tokens everytime I make a change.  IT would also be nice if i didn't have to do this from the server on every single salesforce connection object I have.  This current product is tiresome and cumbesome.  At Inspire I was told I should just use an odbc connection.  But after researching that those come at an additional cost as well.

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8 - Asteroid

better explanation:


1)  If I need to make a minor change to my workflow these are the steps I must take.

               A)  Download workflow

               B)  Update all of my passwords with salesforce connectors.  Which is a multi-click endeavor for each object.

               C)  Copy workflow over to Alteryx server

                D)  Open workflow from server in 2 windows, delete all objects in one I am replacing, copy new workflow objects from old workflow into new one.

               E)  Update all of my passwords again.

               F)  Run and verify it works before uploading.


So if you could make it so I didn't have to re-enter my password several times that would be great.  Also, being able to update the workflow from my laptop would be awesome too.  Or even better, allow me to have 1 object that has my userid, password and token in it and that object passes that information to all of my other objects so I only have 1 place I have to change my passwords.  That would be even better.