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Alteryx Function Reference Cheat Sheet

It would be extremely helpful if there is an easy way to print off the current function reference for 11.0. In the past, you could easily do so with 9.5 (with the print button), but even putting out a basic PDF file that outlines the parameters for each function, and what it does would be useful. This is not possible with the newest version of the documentation.


Totally a quick hack but..




Press F12 and go to the JavaScript Console and run:




The blocks will all be visible then you can print to PDF as needed


Hmm, when I run that, it throws an error stating an Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <. Seems like the error was on the webpage even before running the javascript (in Chrome). What browser are you using?


Sorry wrong URL - the reference page are frames within the main document


Go to then JS code will work


Thank you so much--that worked!