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Alteryx Executor

Like PDF Reader and Tableau Reader wherein things can't be edited but users (at large scale) can execute pre-designed content and business logic can interactively use it; I'd like to propose Alteryx Executor as free platform for the end users. Once the business logic has been designed on the designer, the alteryx wizard/ app/ workflow can be handed over to the clients for easier adaptability.


These days I get my work done easily though Alteryx and it creates client delight and once they also want to have it for their production usage - they push me to convert it all into MS Office/ SQL/ Python platforms. Which ends up into very inefficient usage as well as drop in adoption of Alteryx. I've significantly dropped using Alteryx and have stopped encouraging others to use as end state is extrememly painful.


What's Alteryx is doing about it? USD 3500 is a lot of money to shed for data blending and analysis tool each year for the license whereas lot of freeware like Sisense/ Pentaho/ Python is available to the clients for their usage.

Alteryx Partner

In SAS and other tools the workflow can be compiled into a Java application... This may be one way of doing it...

Tha alternative is a light edtion of alteryx engine without a GUI that runs workflows as intended...


I would love to see both...


Has this been addressed at all? I am running into the same issue and cannot find any documentation on Alteryx's outlook on the matter. 

Alteryx Partner

As far as I have heard, not addressed yet... Thru Yhat integration may be in the near future...

I'm going to close this thread as it seems it's not part of the business value proposition to Alteryx; to come up with such platforms. Given now my role has changed from client deployer to individual contributor - I'm happy with desktop version of Alteryx.

Alteryx Partner

Alteryx|Promote enables this,

maybe not for free but the API runs in milliseconds

and can question in huge numbers like a decision engine...

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