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Alteryx Enforces Check from tnsnames.ora

I have encountered problem with Oracle Direct Connection tool. I have the correct host, port, service name, user name and password (the same configuration works with Toad), but Alteryx still complaints the service name is not found on tnsnames.ora (ORA-12154). Well, the reason to use Direct Connection is that I do not have admin rights on my computer to edit the file, so it seems this kind of problem can only be resolved by reaching out to our IT service to edit tnsnames.ora for me.




Same situation in my case. I have used the same host, port, service name, user name and password as with a Tableau-connection (where it works).

But it does not work with Alteryx.

Same error : ORA-12154

I have access to adapt "tnsnames.ora" but as "tnsnames.ora" is also used by Tableau-Oracle-connection I don't see this as the reason why the Alteryx-connection fails.

@RistoKarinkanta @Conrardy Interesting. I have not run into this. I've had a lot of success with connecting to Oracle databases and I don't believe it's using my TNSnames file. Can you try typing this directly into an input tool after configuring for your situation?




Here's a dummy example:







Thank you for your support.
As your example contains "oci" I now selected the "Input Data" / "Other Databases" / "Oracle OCI..." (instead of "Input Data" / "Oracle...")
The TNS_Server Name is known so I only had to add "UserName" and "Password" and ... it works !!

Thanks again

Best regards,

Paul Conrardy