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Allow users to edit workflows while "Find Tool" window is open

When editing larger workflows, the "Find Tool" window is often a great help in terms of locating tools. However, having to close this window in order to make edits to the workflow is a bit inconvenient, especially when changing the sort method or using the search function. It would be great if users were allowed to edit the workflows and tools while still keeping this window open and maintaining the current settings.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi Nelson,


This issue has come up in the past, and it's on our roadmap to address it. We're still prioritizing items for the next year so I can't say for sure when we will get to it.


To help with priorization, and to make sure we don't miss anything, it would be great if you and others could comment on this thread with any other feedback about the Find Tool window.





Geoff Jones

Director of Creative Services

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Not Planned

Not planned?  Is it technically not possible?  This feature would be a big help when making many workflow changes, using the Find functionality to identify tools that need to be updated.

Status changed to: Coming Soon

Thank you for suggesting this! In an upcoming release you will be able to keep the find window open while making edits to the workflow.

Status changed to: Implemented

Thank you for this suggestion! The Find Tool dialog is now dockable, can be floated, and you can interact with other windows when it is open. Available in the 2019.4 release: