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Allow caching of multiple tools at the same time

Some of the workflows I use have multiple inputs that can take a long time to initially load. The new cache function itself has been amazing, but there is one big drawback for me: I can't cache multiple tools at the same time.  Alteryx will allow me to eventually cache all of the tools I want cached, but it will take multiple times running the file.  This still saves me time in the end, but it feels a bit cumbersome to set up.


We have talked about putting the checkbox back. It would just be an easy way for you to let Alteryx know the first time you run that workflow it should cache that input tool. Does that sound like functionality you would want?

@JPoz I would love to see the checkbox make a return! I do love the new caching functionality, but I do miss the checkbox.


I agree that having the checkbox return would be great.




Thanks for your feedback! We are going to put the cache data checkbox back in the Input Data tool and it will utilize the new caching system.