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Allow caching of multiple tools at the same time

Some of the workflows I use have multiple inputs that can take a long time to initially load. The new cache function itself has been amazing, but there is one big drawback for me: I can't cache multiple tools at the same time.  Alteryx will allow me to eventually cache all of the tools I want cached, but it will take multiple times running the file.  This still saves me time in the end, but it feels a bit cumbersome to set up.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Implemented

Good news! We shipped an enhancement to our caching feature that allows you to select multiple points to cache simultaneously! You'll find it in our 2019.1 release. 


Thank you @RachelW , I upgraded to 2019.1 and already used the new multi-point caching a few times and it's Super!!!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@DavidP That's fantastic to hear! I've been enjoying using it myself. 


Never mind...cannot delete the comment.





Can someone tell me the name of the tool? I can't find it when searching for 'multi-point cache'


@fahmed18 You can select multiple tools (either click the canvas and drag a rectangle around them, or hold Ctrl and click each tool), right click on any selected tool, then select cache and run:



+1 to THIS. New user to Alteryx. Surprised that multiple inputs cant be cached. 


@simket See above for instructions and how to cache multiple tools at once.


yeah, saw that little later. Still missing the checkbox though :S But I guess it will be like this going forward. Thanks for the response JPoz