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Allow all “floating” boxes to be maximized/snap sized via windows settings

I discussed this with Rithi Son and he suggested I submit this idea for a GUI enhancement. 🙂
Need: I would like the ability to snap size/maximize the floating boxes. This includes config, results, overview, etc.
Current Issue: Currently when these sections are undocked and in floating mode there is no maximize button and no ability to snap the sizing as you would the main GUI of Alteryx (no maximize button and no windows snapping to the side ability to set to half the screen size).
Reason for Change: This makes it difficult to use multiple monitors quickly as it wont save the layout to the monitors on close and adds labor. Meaning when reloading Alteryx it pulls all the floating overtop onto the program’s monitor. I have to manually move the windows, resize manually (often overlapping my monitors due to its current sizing behavior), and then can continue my work.
Additional Workaround Troubleshooting:I know we have the ability to set new window for the results info but I am specifically looking for all floating sections. Including the results section as a whole.

Thanks for helping!