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Allow ability to populate default values in Analytic App questions

We need the ability to pre-populate App questions with a default value. This not only gives the user an example of what type of data string the App is looking for, but also may avoid the user from having to do anything if the default folder or file is already correct.

This would also allow for quick App testing since we can just accept the defaults and not have to load up a yxwv file every single time.

ArcPy/Python, ESRI Modelbuilder, PyQGIS can all do this (heck, even MapBasic can do it!) - there's no doubt it's more convenient for the designer and end user.

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus
Does the "Default Text" option not work for your apps? Try placing a Text Box tool on the canvas and the second box should be the Default Text which should show up when you (or someone else) opens the app. The other interface tools have this option as well, so you should be able to set the default drop down value in a list, check box selected by default, etc.

Also, when using the List Box tool as a way to select a field from an incoming file, you can type in the default text and if the file has that field, it will automatically select it - just like when you map field names to an input. For instance, if the field is called Postal Code but you want to default to the Zip field, type "Zip" in the Default Text box and it will automatically be selected if available.

- Jarrod
7 - Meteor
Hi Jerrod, thanks for your reply. Yes, those options work, but I'm really more asking for default file/folder path values for input/outputs. I know I can save out the .yxwv values, but then i have to reopen them each time, and even then those are only available to me. I also like to be able to show the user what typical paths the app is looking for.

So, if we can provide default text for a text box, seems we should be able to provide a default path for a file or folder input tool. Maybe even the ability to specify a yxwv file for the app to call when it's run by the user.

Thanks again.
Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Implemented

I'm updating this idea as implemented as you can provide default values in app questions in all latest versions of Alteryx!