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Allow Personal Use of License

I'd like to see Alteryx allow a second install of your license on a second, personal machine.  Tableau allows this and IMO is why there is such a robust online / blog community around that product.


For those of us that work at mid-size to large organizations, there are often strict rules governing internal data and use of cloud-based data sources.  If I discover some new trick I'd like the share with my fellow Alteryx analysts outside of my company, I have no clear way to do that the same way I can with Tableau where I can do it at home not using my company's data.


Being able to learn new features and test things out on commonly available public data (ever notice that Superstore data set everyone who gets Tableau has?) would accelerate what we're able to do with the community site here and the larger analytics blogging community.




@joe_lipski would this work if you have the one license key for your whole organisation as mine does?

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

@Hugo - good point, i'm not sure on this one... Probably worth checking with alteryx fulfillment - maybe they can allocate you an individual key are reduce your master key by one seat?


Does the license transfer option work for different versions?  my company uses specifically 11.5, but the current online version is 2019.1.. If I download for personal use, and attempt to transfer my license, will it tell me that I can't transfer to that version?

Alteryx Partner
You may need to talk to your admin or Alteryx rep as the licensing model between 11.5 and 2019.1 are quite different so I don’t think the same license will work.

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Hello @JSNelson08,

The license transfer likely will not work between 11.5 and 2019.1 as Alteryx changed licensing platforms when we released 11.8 last spring.
I would reach out to your licensing Admin within your company, or email as they can do a license lookup for you.


Hope this helps!