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Adjusting Table Column Widths

While exporting a report to Excel via the Table/Layout/Render tools, it would be helpful to have the ability to manually adjust the size of specific columns within the report table.


Currently, Alteryx auto-corrects the column widths based on the data in the columns and the selected paper size, even if you select specific column widths using the Table tool. This is a great feature for reporting, however in my use-case my output report contains two blank columns which will be manually edited by my team. Because these two "manual update" columns are blank in Alteryx, the column widths on the output are quite small compared to the other columns, and this will require manual column width formatting within the Excel sheet to both accommodate the (often lengthy) manual updates that will be entered into these two columns, and to keep the report within the paper size parameters.





I agree.  The formatting / Exporting options are greatly lacking.  There are some reports that it doesn't pay to run through Alteryx because exporting to a pre-formatted template doesn't work and it just easier to use Excel to create formatting macros.  I have submitted several "formatting" suggestions, but have not received a response to any of them.  I have seen similar suggestions from others as well (freeze panes, being able to RENDER multiple tabs into 1 report, being able to name the tabs when using RENDER).


Hi Tammy,


To render multiple tabs into one report, I was able to use below tools if that helps.


Create a column with a formula tool, for example "Excel Tab Name" for all tabs with needed name as an output which will be your excel tab name.


Use table tool to output into that "Excel Tab Name" column for each tab which then will become your excel tab with the name in assigned in the formula tool.




Layout each group of records to "Excel Tab Name".


And render to a specific output file.


The problem with this again, as been brought up by this initial idea is that you can only render with one size for all excel tabs which is wonky if you have 3 columns in one tab and 10 in the other.


I hope that helps. Let me know if you need any details for the above.