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The 2022.1.1.30569 Patch/Minor release has been removed from the Download Portal due to a missing signature in some of the included files. This causes the files to not be recognized as valid files provided by Alteryx and might trigger warning messages by some 3rd party programs. If you installed the 2022.1.1.30569 release, we recommend that you reinstall the patch.

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Adds a group by option into Record ID tool

I often need to create a record ID that automatically increments but grouped by a specific field. I currently do it using the Multi-Row Formula tool doing [Field-1:ID]+1 because there is no group by option in the Record ID tool.


Also, sometimes I need to start at 0 but the Multi-Row Formula tool doesn't allow this so I have to use a Formula tool right after to subtract 1.


So adding a group by option to the Record ID tool would allow the user not to use the multi-row formula to do this and to start at any value wanted.

6 - Meteoroid

Great idea! Thanks to share that one! I agree 😉

6 - Meteoroid

Would the sequence number from the tile tool do the same thing?

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Yes, it would. But recordID tool is regularly used to generate IDs while Tile tool is kind of forgotten in my opinion. 

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Yes, support this idea.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

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8 - Asteroid

This is an interesting idea, but I'm not sure it's consistent with the purpose of RecordID which is to create a sequential and unique identifier for every row in your dataset. Having a groupby option would presumably produce duplicate recordIDs which would not be consistent with the tool's purpose.


A common alternative might be to add a counter variable (eg 1) in a Formula tool, and then use Running Total with a groupby setting. It's a little more work, but it doesn't break the crucial assumption that RecordID must be unique.


I totally get your request, but I have a feeling that your use case is more about sequential non-unique IDs, and that wouldn't be consistent with RecordID which is incredibly simple yet powerful to check for duplicates in joins, or to drop cluttered fields early on and join them back on at the end.

9 - Comet

This is a regular need for me, I've got two common use cases:


1) Input tool using CSV or Excel files with a wildcard getting the FullPath as a field. Generating a record ID whilst grouping on the Alteryx-generated FileName field lets us identify each row in the input file.


2) Quick & dirty ranking where I want to group on one or more fields. 


I know I can use the Tile tool or the Multi-Row Formula tool to get the same results, or @jdunkerley79 's CReW GroupByRecordID macro https://gallery.alteryx.com/#!app/CReW%2BGroupByRecordID/5e417bbf0462d70decb763a9, I'd like this built into the RecordID tool.





12 - Quasar

Amazing idea! Use the multi row formula tool always to get this done but having a default option would be awesome!

11 - Bolide

Someone built this macro in Nashville at an engineering day.  Also, I *tried* to build this macro in Nashville at engineering day, but experienced abject failure.  I communicated with the facilitator of the class, but they told me they couldn't share it.  Good to see that CREW has a build up, but having an officially supported option within the tool would be better.  Great idea. 

11 - Bolide

Just came here to share this idea glad It has already started to be talked about.


Seems such a easy win to, well a minor problem really but I end up creating workarounds with the tile tool or a multirow formula. But a simple group by would be great.