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Additional schedule management options

Add an option to cancel an occurrence currently queued to run without it removing, or completing, the original schedule. Not sure if this is by design or a bug but when you cancel a workflow that's in queue, it sets the scheduled workflow to "Completed" even though you just wanted to stop that occurrence and still keep the workflow schedule “Active”.

Also, adding an option to PAUSE a scheduled module. This is useful when you need to temporarily suspend a workflow from running, but save the hassle of re-configuring the schedule when you want to turn it back on.
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Thank you for the feedback! We are looking at improvements to the Scheduler and will keep these items in mind for a future release.

Just to clarify, could the term "disable" be used in place of "pause" in your second suggestion? That is, I'm not pausing a workflow that is actually running, I'm just disabling or turning off a particular schedule, and will re-enable at some point in the future. Is that a correct assessment?

 - Kory
Correct. The Pause or Disable would simply stop the scheduled workflow from starting at it's scheduled time until it is re-enabled.

Also, are there any plans of adding some way to limit what a user can see/modify what's on the scheduler? For example, if we have 10 users who are able to add workflows to the scheduler, we only want each user to be able to see and or make modifications to the workflows they've added and not anyone elses. Users specified as "Admins" would be the only users who would have access to all workflows.


Agreed, scheduler security is a must for me. Something like Unix style Owner, Group & Others having R+W+X settings might be sufficient, where R=see current schedule & history including output files. W=update the workflow, X=schedule changes. In a team-based environment, I need the ability to control at the Group level.

Having multiple controller tokens (or separate ones per group of users) would also help to reduce the impact of re-generating one when it's compromised.

Hi ,


Just wondering is the pause facility in development or implemented yet, if yes, how can I use it?



Thanks in advance.



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @Su - with the upcoming release of Alteryx Analytics 11.0, we will be offering a new browser based scheduling alternative that will support users being able to manually disable, or pause, schedules.  With this feature, the schedule will remain in tact but when disabled it will not run at it's scheduled time until it has been re-enabled again.  We are very close to announcing the release so stay tuned and feel free to let me know if I can answer any additional questions.  


For those of us who don't use the browser-based scheduler, is this in the works for the server-based version at all?