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Adding a "Freeze" tool to freeze a portion of workflow or an entire tool container

Current State: In current scenario, once we add a new tool to the workflow and want to see its output, we are required to run the complete workflow.


Challenge: This step takes a lot of time if the input data files are huge in size with million of rows and multiple tools are operating on them.


Suggestion/Idea: We could have a "freeze" functionality inbuilt or in tool palette to freeze a portion of workflow or an entire tool container which is not dependent on the output of the newly added tool. This would save time in running workflow.


Example: For example, in attached workflow snapshot, freezing the Tool container 1 while adding tools in Tool container 2 and then running those tools will take less processing time.

6 - Meteoroid

@AV8  there is an option when you highlight any point of your workflow to "Cache and Run Workflow"


Highlight the part you want to freeze - right click and you should see the option at the bottom of the pop up list.


That link will explain what i am saying in detail! 



8 - Asteroid

Thanks @tony_beck . I will check it out.