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Add the ability to export tools annotations

Currently, users are unable to export only the annotations contents.


Requested change: Please add an option to export just the annotation content for an entire workflow. 

This would be useful when Tax reviewers need to include the workflow preparers' comments in the tax compliance review file.

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

I think that there's a variant of this @peterchrsti which would be to auto-generate documentation of the canvas.


So - the ability to auto-create a summary of what the canvas is doing; the formulae etc - for indellible storage in a procedure repository.



cc: @JoshKushner @revathi

6 - Meteoroid

Agree this would be a very helpful feature. Currently looking for a way to export formulas for documentation purposes.

7 - Meteor

I know there is an AutoDoc Tool (, but it would be great to export annotations in an ordered fashion along with the tool name and its functions for creating Process Docs quickly directly from the canvas. Has there been any more word on this or further solutions?