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Add the ability to connect to data source using JDBC

Alteryx has the ability to connect to data sources using fat clients and ODBC but not JDBC.  If the ability to use JDBC could be added to the product it could remove the need to install fat clients.

Status changed to: Not Planned

Hi All,


Thanks for the feedback. We don't currently have plans for this.




8 - Asteroid

I hope Alteryx reconsider and add JCBD to the roadmap.

Alteryx Partner

Any update on this?

7 - Meteor

I am also interested in this feature.

5 - Atom
A strong technical request to equip jdbc connection. we have issue with ODBC in alteryx and now we switch to use jdbc in Python since alteryx doesn't support it.
8 - Asteroid

JDBC would be super useful for me also

6 - Meteoroid

Our company just changed out new system to Informix which is JDBC driver. I wish Alteryx would have a configuration to connect this

Alteryx Certified Partner

@ARich is there any update on this?  I've had several customers ask about this recently.



7 - Meteor

Current status on this is "NOT PLANNED"


I'm assuming that means they will not be doing anything and this is a dead thread.



8 - Asteroid

We are using Splice Machine and JDBC would be helpful.