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Add support of .xlsb file format as input file type

Many files I use are in .xlsb format. 

9 - Comet
+1 looking forward to have .xlsb input
12 - Quasar
Looks like it's on the roadmap, but I'll add my support for ability to read xlsb
5 - Atom

+1 Vote for having an XLSB output option. Many of our files are too large to open as an xlsx. Since there is not an option to output in a workable file, I cannot use Altyerx for my data, which makes me very sad. 

@levell_x_dunn wrote:

Thank you very much for inow including the XLSM format input for Alteryx, that is something that I needed for a while, but as I have other clients you us the XLSB, excel binary format, I need to find a way to input that into Alteryx and right back into it.

Please consider making this on a possibility on your next release.


Thank you


11 - Bolide

.XLSB is a highly compressed file type and saves disk space.

One of our requirement was to package several XLSB's into an alteryx macro to deliver a stacked output, but alteryx can't handle it yet.

Please add this feature soon...

9 - Comet

+1 for .xlsb

7 - Meteor

.XLSB creates a much smaller file size than .XLSM. This binary file type would be a worthwhile feature.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Coming Soon

This will be part of our Q1 release.

7 - Meteor

Thanks Big time!!!

8 - Asteroid

That is great news. Output will be supported as well?