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Add support of .xlsb file format as input file type

Many files I use are in .xlsb format. 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Dear Gilbert,

Thanks for your recommendation. XLSB is currently not planned for a release but we will look into it for our longer term roadmap if there is sufficient customer demand.

Poornima Farrar, Product Manager
XLSB is our default file format for any internal excel files we share.  It's the most compact and opens the fastest.  It would be handy to be able to pull into alteryx directly.  Currently we have to use a VBA routine to save the files as XLSX first.
Dear Alteryx Team, .xlsb is one of the most compressed format of data files and I'm receiving 1000s if them being generated by the sensors. Please share a work around else I might be running and excel macro to keep saving all the .xlsb files into .xlsx before I deploy my Alteryx solution on top of it.

Couldn't agree more. Xlsb files tend to be much smaller than zipped xlsx files, and are therefore very convenient when exchanging large spreadsheets.

Piling on. XLSB is ubiquitous in our firm. Please add native support.

I would like to add to this, that our firm also uses .xlsb for most large Excel files. We would also like the ability to output to .xlsb. 

Absoolutely!   This would be a wonderful addition.  We have been able to pull in data from ".xlsb" files, but not able to create would be most helpful to be able to create .xlsb directly from Alteryx.


Client data is starting to come in this format by default, adding this feature would be custom-centric and a competitieve advantage.


+ 1 for XLSB.  


Is there any copyright issue holding this back?