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Add "Tool Name Only" option to annotation options on Canvas

Sometimes I just want to see the tool names without the annotations. Currently the options are Hide, Show, Show with Tool Names, but there doesn't seem to be a way to just see Tool Names without annotations.

7 - Meteor

I share your views on this @ksklar; being able to show the Tool Name only without the other annotations would allow my workflows to be more presentable and concise. Annotations I find provide too much detail and make the overall workflow very noisy and takes away from the User Experience. 


Having a show Tools names only option will bring business value by:

  • allowing you to communicate only what needs to be communicated to your audience at end of sprint reviews
  • make navigating your workflows easier
  • make the presentation look tidy 
  • create a better impression on decision makers that get anxiety when they see too much going on within the screen they are shown for review. 
9 - Comet

We just found ourselves needing this as well.  I searched and found your post.  We also hope this is a consideration for a future release.

6 - Meteoroid

Anyone found any workarounds here? Would be really nice for organizing the workflows in terms of review across teams. 

5 - Atom



Canvas Options -> Annotations: Show w/ Tool Names


Tool Configuration -> Show Annotation: Never

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5 - Atom

Please re-activate the idea, makes sense to have an option of "Tool Name" only option.

5 - Atom

Please add this option. Tool names help when connecting nodes via "view possible connections" option and manually disabling annotations on every tool is tedious at best. 

5 - Atom

I am also looking for this option. There is too much text on the canvas with the annotaion there, I just want to see a description of what it does, i.e. the name.


Update: Found the workaround and it works fine, thanks


Thank you