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Add "Save as Default Configuration" checkbox/button for each tool

Frequently with more complicated tool configurations I end up having to setup certain elements over and over again.  Would be great to have a one click "use this as the default" configuration that would follow my profile and apply to all future drags of that tool onto the workflow.  Configuration elements that depend on the input fields would not be impacted.


Also an apply all feature to apply the similar configuration elements to all tools of the same tool type.


Example Configuration Elements

Comment Tool - Shape, Font, text Color, Background Color, Alignment...

Tool Container - Text Color, fill color , border color, transparency, margin

Table Tool - Default Table Settings

Union Tool - "Auto config by name", Actions when fields differ

Data Clensing - all configuration elements

Sample - all configuration elements



 do not see the screen shot attach as pic..otherwise community doesn't seem to show it


First I would say this is a good workaround but not as good as the original ask would be from @and myself. I did not know about the "Display XML in Properties Window" option in the User Settings. Curious if that was always there or added in 2018.1...

Once that is checked I see the option in the configuration window.

Config view for XML.PNG


This expands the options to solve some of these wants by "replace all" or "cut and paste" and "direct edit".  thanks 

Agreed 1000%   For me it is the input and output files.   My csv files always ignore delimiters in quotes.  I forgot to uncheck this and it cost our company lots of valuable time looking into an error I reported that wasn't an issue.   Also, there is the output tool that always defaults quote output fields to Auto... I want it to be never.    


Weirdest part is that someone else on my team has my desired config defaulted.  Very frustrating to say the least. 

I know this idea is in the "Not Planned" status, but perhaps there is some low hanging fruit with a couple of these tools: multi-field formula and comment tools. There is a lot of value in allowing advanced users to set up defaults for tools instead of having to make the same change every time you drag a tool to the canvas.