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Add interactive mapping as output

Can an interactive mapping tool be added as an output tool? 

When reports, files, or tables are generated, it would help to be able to view them on an interactive map.  Currently I am trying to show where high population growth is located for large areas, ie-entire US, entire State(s), etc., so the user needs to view where these areas are on a map.  Ideally, it would be nice to have additional layers seen on the map as well, for example, our current locations, competitor locations, etc.
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi Robert,

You can have interactive mapping output with a Alteryx Gallery app and set the output as .yxdb.  Check it out and please send feedback!

Thank you,
John Fomby
Product Manager


The interactive mapping output as .yxdb does not have a lot of flexibility or features such as multiple data points and/or multiple polygons on the same map, more than one label field, the small map window size, etc.  It would also be nice to have the option to show a Bing map or Google map if the user has a license key.