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Add global header justification in Table Tool

Currently, in order to change the header and data justification to CENTER, one has to select the "Column Rules" button for each column configuration. In a large report (25+ columns), that means selecting each time. It would be more efficient to have the header justification in the Default Table Settings style editor. There is already a setting for font, font size, bold or itallic, text color and background color. I have never created a report for someone where they did not want the headers centered. The workaround is to only feed one column through, then to change the column rules for that column and the Cynamic or Unknown Fields. This works fine, but when I have a report that creates an Excel workbook with 5+ tabs, it gets annoying. It's even more time consuming when I have a report tab, that I need to create sub headings for, so there are multiple report tools for one Excel tab.

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agree 100%. this is really annoying! 

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Hi @terri_hancock


This is an old post but just in case you were still struggling with this you can put a select tool before the table and de-select all columns, then in the table settings apply a rule to the dynamic column option for header only, then simple go back to the select tool and re-select what you wanted. this should sort it