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Add cache to SQLite in Input Tool

When using an SQLite database file as an input, please provide the option to Cache Data as is available when opening an ODBC database.  Currently, every time the input tool is selected, it takes an inordinate amount of time for Alteryx to become responsive; especially if the query is complex.  SQLite is not a multi user database and is locked when accessed so there is no need to continuously poll it for up-to-date values.  Pulling data when run or if F5/Refresh is pressed would be sufficient.


The issue may be more primitive than what is solved by having a Cache Data option.  I am more concerned that the embedded query seems to be "checked" or "ran" every time the tool is selected.  I think this issue was resolved with other file formats but SQLite was overlooked.

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Thank you for this suggestion! The 'Cache Data' check box was added to the SQLite database format, and is available in the 2019.4 release: