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Add a "spell check" tool

A problem I'm currently trying to solve and feel like I'm spending way too much time on it..


I have a data set which has some data in it from multiple languages, and I only want English values.  I was able to get rid of the words with non English letters with a little regular expression and filtering.  However, there's some words that do contain all English letters but aren't English.  What I'm trying to do is bring in an English dictionary to compare words and see which rows have non English words according to the dictionary.  However, this is proving to be a bit harder than I thought.  I think I can do it, but it feels like this should be much simpler than it is.


It would be great to have a tool that would run a "spell check" on fields (almost all dictionaries for all languages are available free online).  This could also be useful also just for cleaning up open text types of data where people type stuff in quickly and don't re-read it! 🙂

5 - Atom

I think a spell check tool or option would be a great idea, if it could be customisable with new phrases or terms which could be sector/business specific that would also be useful

6 - Meteoroid

It would be really great if there is any tool for spell check. My data has almost 70% of spelling errors and I spent most of my time cleaning that. Please introduce any spell check tool in Alteryx soon.


Correct me if such a tool already exists. I am still in the stage of learning & exploring the alteryx tools.

5 - Atom

I second this request! I'm currently doing natural language analytics with some basic Regex and would benefit from running my paragraphs through a standard (and customizable) spell check first. 

7 - Meteor

Bump - what are the chances of getting this?

7 - Meteor

Spelling check is a great idea! we encounter so many problems with words not joining because of 1 letter misspelled

5 - Atom

Would love to see a spell-check tool also, this would provide some really useful solutions to data sets we analyse which currently go though a convoluted combination of SQL and Excel to get the results we need