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Add a button to text input to turn first row into headings

I paste data into text input tool, then i have two choices 1) rename each field manually according to my data source 2) add the dynamic rename to take the headers from the first row.


The first way is time consuming and prone to mistakes.


The second way breaks the downstream configurations (workflow needs to be run first), and affects how the text input tool auto-detects the field types (all strings)


Text input would be improved with a button that automatically takes the first row and turns them into headers, as if i typed them in myself.




Hey @nicholas_marcheggiani


Agree that this would be helpful, and have voted for it.

In the interim, the quick way round this is to paste your data into Excel instead, and then use the file import feature of the text input tool to bring it in from Excel or CSV and that does the trick.


If you have any trouble replicating this workaround - log a quick question on the discussion board, and I'll mock it up for you (we can't attach mockups to ideas unfortunately)




Status changed to: Coming Soon

The ability to insert or delete (thus turning the first row into the header) the current header of a Text Input tool, along with several other improvements, will be available in an upcoming release. Thank you for the suggestion!

Status changed to: Implemented

Thank you for this suggestion! It is now available, along with several other Text Input improvements, in the 2019.4 release (