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Add Option/Check Box to See Column Letter/Row Number In Input & Browse Tools



I get a lot of adhoc requests where the insturctions are in the actual email. As I'm going through the ask, creating the new workflow, the requester will mention "column C" or "column XY", but I'm viewing the data in Alteryx where that doesn't show. So I have to open the Excel file, find the column, get the name, go back to Alteryx to locate the column I need, run the module but get an error/no results because I forgot to close the Excel file (because the module is using the same file I just opened to validate which column I'm using).


It would be really cool to have an Option in the Input tool to add the Excel column lettering and numbering to show (Ex, Column A, B, C, D going left to right, Row 1, 2, 3, going top to bottom). This would just be visually showing it, not adding it to the data (because then you would lose the actual column names). If this can be done, it would be equally as useful in the Browse tool view. Have a great day!

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There is one way you can get at the Excel column lettering from within Alteryx: A macro Smiley Happy


See the post at beacuse we cannot currenlty attached files in replies to Ideas.