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Add ODBC support for TIBCO Data Virtualization

TIBCO Data Virtualization is a Data Virtualization product focused on creating a virtual data store consolidating data from throughout the enterprise.  It can be accessed via a SQL query engine, and has a variety of supported connectors, including an ODBC driver.


This data source can be connected to via ODBC in Alteryx today, but error messaging is unclear/unhelpful, and attempting to use the Visual Query Builder causes Alteryx to crash.


Adding TIBCO Data Virtualization as a supported ODBC connection would empower business users to leverage this product and easily utilize this enterprise data store, enhancing the value of the Alteryx platform as a consumer of this data.

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I agree that this is needed. Many IT departments are now deploying virtualization layers to manage user access. 


The generic ODBC driver works for basic queries but common SQL syntax that Alteryx feeds the driver fail because it is unsupported.


For example, the Browse In-DB tool will fail every time for our setup if you limit the number of rows. This is because Alteryx is sending LIMIT 100 as part of the SQL which is syntax Tibco or the host database does not support. 


Items like this can we worked around but once you start introducing joins and other tools the expected functionality is not there. You basically have to stream everything out of DB to get your workflow to work.






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plus one

7 - Meteor

plus another cause i started needing it

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Plus another... I tried to use the TDV ODBC driver below but it only reads in a subset of objects/views from the TDV schema.




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There are about 70 visualization apps out there, and some are more about vendor lock-in than others with their proprietary virtualization & integration services. The modern cure is to pipe all the data into SQL-friendly Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse, then connect Alteryx and visualizers to it. Does Spotfire do in-database processing, or does it need everything to be downloaded to one's computer? That's a huge difference. Nobody needs a rat's nest of API's & OBDC connections, when one main Cloud can centralize your data now.

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I am having the same issue, I'm sure most on here have figured this out already but just in case.... If you develop your raw sql query (I am using dbeaver as a studio front end) then paste the query into the query editor you can run that query from the input tool without Alteryx crashing. Still uses the tibco odbc connection but not the visual query builder. Haven't had any issues...yet.

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Hi, What would be the best way to connect to TIBCO Data Virtualization?
Is the issue of the OP resolved or is this still open?


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It would be great if Alteryx natively supported Tibco Data Virtualization (TDV) and Dremio going forward. Both are key data platforms going forward for our company and it would be great to have these natively supported.