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Add IN-DB Append field

Please add an append fields component to the IN-Database components.  And also allow the adding of fields to the in-db formula component.  It seems to be really difficult to add a field into the data stream when using IN-DB components.  Would be good to resolve this and try to make the IN-DB components consistent with the standard ones.


I like the idea of having an append field value as well.


With regards to the formula, you can use it to create a new field if that is what you are looking for?


You just enter the name you wish it to be called and then the expression.


Aha just seen that!  Works differently to the standard formula component, i.e. add new field on the drop down, which is why it threw me.  Thanks for that.


Yeah, the standard formula tool recently had the UI updated and the Formula In-DB is yet to come which is the reason for the difference.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



I've recently created an 'Append In-DB' macro which is now available in the gallery:!app/Append-In-DB/5ab3a06f826fd310ecda0b47


It's relatively straight to set up if you think about it.


The purpose of the append tool is to take two data streams and throw out all combinations of the values. So by simply created a field within each datastream with the value 'JOIN' and then joining on this field we get exactly this.