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Add Hyperion Cube / Essbase as Data Source

Would like to direclty query Hyperion Cube / Essbase data source directly - please propose functionality in next release or add a user macro to the gallery.  Thanks -cb

8 - Asteroid

Added my vote. Hyperion and Essbase are my biggest automation hurdle in many of my workflows.

7 - Meteor
8 - Asteroid

Adding my vote as well

5 - Atom

Big +1 for this one!




I found the main post for this topic. Please add you vote.






Alteryx Partner

Adding my vote - how are people getting around this currently?

7 - Meteor

The only way I have found around it is to use the Smart View Dev Guide to get the functionality you need. Then create a PS or batch script and run that from Alteryx.


Alteryx Partner

So you are creating a VBA script to connect+pull--> then batch script+Alteryx to trigger. Got it

7 - Meteor


6 - Meteoroid

Upvoting, i used Alteryx for just about everything in my previous role and now that i have to connect to essbase i am constantly frustrated with my lack of options.