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Add DateTime type with milliseconds

I work with data where milliseconds is my saviour when I count distinct the datetime to get number of events. Alteryx ignores the millisecond part (as lots of other BI tool providers - I don't know what is going on with this idea that milliseconds are not needed). Yes I can convert it to string but it's not the best practice to create duplicate fields just so that I have date part for date-related calculation (plotting, time difference) and on the other hand string value for quick and easy counting..

7 - Meteor

hi @TonyaS - just wondering if there was an update on this? I have been missing using milliseconds since first becoming an Alteryx user in 2018.  It is preventing me from fully automating my flows because I have to calculate a duration column in csv before uploading to Alteryx.  I would love to directly connect to the DB and have my reports.  I tried clicking the link you provided in this thread but it seems to bring me back to this same thread, I don't see any work arounds, just a lot of requests.  Any help on how to keep the milliseconds would be extremely helpful!

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Under Review



I wanted to provide an update on this idea that our product team is currently reevaluating this idea and researching into the best methods of potentially implementing this feature into the engine without creating unintended side effects should we be able to include this functionality on the roadmap. We appreciate your patience while we conduct this research as this can take some time.


Thank you Kylie and I apologize for not replying sooner.


Yes, we are considering this for our Roadmap intake we just don't have a definite update as to the timing right now. Once we know which Release it will be in I will definitely update everyone on this thread. We appreciate all the interest that this idea has received.