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Add Ability to Reorder Fields Being Joined in Join Tool

I think it would be nice to be able to more easily reorder fields that you're joining by in the Join tool.




For example, I have already joined by CASS_Address and CASS_City. After I did this, I realized I wanted to go back and join on Name, too, and I want that to be first. How the tool is configured now, if I want Name to be first, I must redo all of the drop downs. I would like to be able to add Name to the next set of open drop downs then use some arrow buttons to be able to move them up in the order (similar to the Summarize tool).


I'll add that the value of wanting a certain order for join fields is that this order controls the sort order for the data coming out of the J output. So if you just need the J-output, you can sometimes avoid adding an extra sort tool afterwards by setting the sort order in the Join.


What would also be nice is for the Right drop down to automatically change if (a) the Left drop down is changed and (b) the Right contains the exact same field name. Currently, the Right drop downs only automatically populates with a field name matching the Left selection when you first fill out the Left drop down, but not when you change the Left selection.


Awesome additions @DultonM! I agree with everything you said and would love to see those enhancements as well!


Note the Sort tool has a similar functionality to what we'd like here. If I wanted to add Field2 just after Field1, I could do so by adding it to the bottom then using the arrows to move it above Field3 and Field4. In the Sort tool, I don't have to select Field2 from the second drop down then re-select everything that I want after it, as I do in the Join tool currently. 




The second problem @DultonM brought up is showcased in this example. If I want to add Field2 as the second field, I would have to re-select not only the left fields below it but also the right fields because Alteryx doesn't currently pick up these changes on the right side in the Join tool.