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Active Directory for Publish To Tableau Server Tool

At our organization we are required to change our passwords every few months forcing a change to my Tableau Server password.  How does this relate to Alteryx?  Well, every 90 days I have to change my password in the "Publish to Tableau Server Tool" for all of my workflows.  This is quite a cumbersome process that could be eliminated with AD.


If you dislike manually changing your for each workflow that uses this tool then "star" this post!




5 - Atom

Any update on this. We are having the same issue when we change passwords.




10 - Fireball

Hi all,


An easy alternative to implement here would be use to token authentification. 


In that case, it is a super easy change to make in the macro at authentification level. Essentially, only the body of the initial request would have to be changed compare to username and password :


Can you please implement that changes to strengthen this tool ? 


I've put my idea also here : 


Thanks a lot,

10 - Fireball