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Ability to use Tree Interface to select folder and limit folder selections

Use case:  Person running app to select folder from limited list similar to how the tree tool allows for a user to select one or more files.  This selected folder would then be connected via an Action tool to a Directory tool (or by adding a formula tool to a Dynamic Input).  The Folder Browse Interface does not have the ability to restrict or provide a starting parent folder.  The app below pulls data from SharePoint site, which cannot be easily browsed to.  Currently I have the user select a file in the required folder, then use RegEx parse and a Formula tool to pull in all requested files from that folder.  It would be a better user interface if the user selected a folder.  A test sample of the workflow is attached (final version ends in an Alteryx database this is picked up in a chained app).

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6 - Meteoroid

It also would be great to have the ability to select a folder to select all files inside that folder from the Tree tool.