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Ability to manually adjust parameters of Model Factory ARIMA time series forecasting tool

I had an issue with the ARIMA tool using the R function auto.arima() which missed the obvious seasonality in my data set, but when I manually adjusted Model Customization > Customize the parameters used for automatic model creation > The seasonal components > Alter the degree of seasonal differencing and selected 1, the outputs were much better. The problem is that while this fixes my singular ARIMA model, I want to be able to run this through Model Factory too as I have hundreds of data sets on which I'd have to make this adjustment since auto.arima() misses the seasonality on most of them and produces useless results. Apparently I'm not alone in having this issue as I was directed to another comment thread where someone had the same problem and desired fix as me.


TL/DR version -- please make is possible to manually adjust the parameters of the ARIMA Model Factory tool, or at the very least add the option to alter the degree of seasonal differencing.


And for supporting information, here is my thread:


And here is the other thread where a different person had the same issue:

5 - Atom

This would really be a great help, I'm having similar issues, the output is not useable. I tried to go into the macro and tweek the R code to change the parameters, but could'nt manage. A good help would be to explain how to do that, if possible at all.

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