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Ability to explicitly control the order of operations of Output tools

If you have either of these situations: 1) a series of dependent database outputs (as in database-supplied auto-incrementing IDs needed for subsequent Inserts/Updates) or 2) writing a file that is used later in a workflow (as in a Run Command call or an R script), you need a way to guarantee tools that don't have outputs themselves (like the Output Tool) are complete. I believe this use case is fairly common.

If the Input tool had an (optional) input stream and the Output tool had an (optional) output stream, you could fully incorporate them into workflows, including use of Block Until Done. I know there are some alternative solutions to make this work, but they are not intuitive.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Hi Dan,

Thanks for the suggestion. We are actually improving Block Until Done to make the use cases that you describe more intuitive for the upcoming Alteryx Analytics 10.0 release. We believe that this would be more optimal as opposed to adding multiple, optional input or output stream within the Input or Output tool respectively that might confuse the user. Please reach out to Products if you would like a demo.

Creative Director
Creative Director
Status changed to: Implemented