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Ability to connect to Siebel CRM application

Please add the ability to interface with Oracle Siebel CRM. Preferably, this would be a built-in connector similiar to the SFDC Connector.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Bumping the thread, any updates on this? I have a customer asking for this functionality. It is an Oracle product with an ODBC driver, so are there enough similarities? 

Unfortunately, no. We are currently moving away from that application and opted to just do things manually until then.



I also use Siebel and would find great utility in this being an option on Alteryx. It is hard to turn coworkers away from the product because of this limitation.

We are transitioning from Siebel to Salesforce and would love to use Alteryx Designer, which we already use elsewhere, in the prep and blend and data migration processes. Hey Derek Knudsen, is the team any closer to a solution on this?


Thanks in advance,