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Ability to View Browse Results During Run

I think it would be great, especially if you have browse tools at multiple phases in workflow, to be able to view Browse results while module is running, rather than having to wait until it's done. I think it would help with being able to head off problems sooner.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

With our 10.0 release, we are introducing the option to view data for each connection without having to drop in a browse tool.  We are architecting this feature so that in the future, we should be able to show results as they are completed within each tool.  This is not something we will have for 10.0, but it is something we are planning to do after that.



5 - Atom
From the output window, we can view the results in Browse before the end of execuction of the module.
8 - Asteroid

It would be great to have the ability to use a binocular tool to view data while the workflow is running and the ability to pause a workflow and start it from where it left off or have the ability to start from a certain icon within a workflow. This would reduce time rerunning a workflow and data validation.